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Lip Palette - Produce the Sexiest Kissable Lips Ever!

If makeup is a girl's best friend, then a lip palette has to be the next best thing. It is funny how when asked most men say that they love the natural look more than the made up look yet this so called natural look is so much more difficult to achieve. You need perfect concealer, foundation and of course lipstick.

A little lipstick can make the world of difference not just to how you look but also to your confidence levels. Applied correctly lipstick will make your lips look sexier and fuller. Applied incorrectly and you will resemble a clown.

Some women don't appear to have learnt the do and don'ts of lipstick application. For example they will use dark lines with a light lipstick. This makes them look like their children applied the makeup as a joke. Your liner and lipstick should always match. Also you should apply liner after you have put on your lipstick and not before as otherwise it can look less natural.

When you go shopping for lip make up never apply the tester directly to your face. This is a surefire way of picking up bugs and infections. Instead apply it to your fingertips to see what the color really looks like. If you are unsure of the color to select, ask the lady on the beauty counter. She will know which colors work best given your natural coloring and the state of your teeth. Hint, if you are looking to make your teeth look more yellow then wear orange or brown shades!

Most of us women have our favorite brand of makeup. I adore the Dior lip palette. It gives me a choice of colors that complement my skin tones and prevent me from getting bored by using the same color every morning. So why not experiment today and see how kissable you can make your lips?