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Keyboard Sound Modules

A sound modules is a piece of equipment, usually able to fit on a rack mount, that contains a collection of sounds either in sample or high quality audio format. Instead of having a whole keyboard workstation you can get just the sounds from the machine. This can save you space, but also money as the sound module version is usually discounted. Example of manufacturers that prepare sound modules are Korg, Yamaha and Roland which feature the brands Triton, Motif and Fantom respectively.

RECOMMENDED MODULES (Sorted by price, lowest to highest)

Edirol SD-20 Studio Canvas MIDI Sound Module

Price: $299.99

Gem RP-X Sound Module

Price: $599.99

Yamaha VL70-M Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator

Price: $599.99

Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Synth Module

Price: $799.99

Yamaha MOTIF Rack ES Module

Price: $799.99

Hammond XM-2 Sound Module

Price: 999.99

Kurzweil PC2R Sound Module With Orchestra

Price: $999.99

Access Virus TI Snow

Price: $1499.99

Korg M3-M Tabletop SynthesizerSampler Module

Price: $1799.99

Muse Research Receptor Rev C Rackmount VST Plug-in Player

Price: $1999.99