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Dior Skeleton Bride, the Favor of Current Western Fashion

Dior always startles me with the eccentric and gorgeous design. The novelty I am about to introduce is destine to scare you by the skeleton outlook, but actually impressive and unique. The genius responsible for Dior design, Victoire de Castellane, launched the extraordinary skeleton wedding rings. The unprecedented design makes it capable enough to compete with the rings molded by high technology.

As the first senior jewelry designer of Dior, Victoire de Castellane comes from Comte Family of Provence, French. Due to her special growing background, her design delivers a taste of Romantic whimsicality. The skeleton wedding rings are so unique that when the blueprint has just been finished it's closely cared by western fashionistas, not mention the entities. The series is divided into the King and Queen wedding rings with crowns on the heads. Each piece is crafted from precious gems, such as opal, quartz, obsidian, and so on. They are carved into skeleton, dignified and mysterious.

The skeleton design is prone to bring misconception unluckiness. Actually, this dazzling kind of crown skeleton has a deeper meaning. Instead of symbolizing for death, it reminds the youth at any time of their precious time in life. Sine time flies away from us, we shouldn't waste any moment, but cherish and appreciate mutually to ensure the perpetual love. Seen from this perspective, Victoire de Castellane does pay a lot of attention of the creative design. Plenty of Dior fans declare that if someone proposes with this kind of skeleton wedding rings, she will contribute her full love to the suitor.